2015年三月份的时候,花47.4刀买的siteground最低端的配置主机。2016年3.1到期,但是在昨天被自动续费了。今天打开邮件才看到被自动续费了$119.4, 太贵了。果断进入后台退款。没想到到最后,退款到信用卡的时候,被扣35刀。官方只退$84.4.  咨询客服后,客服告知有一个a late cancellation fee。悲催呀,只怪自己当时没注意取消掉信用卡!这里提醒大家注意了。


Nikolay S.: Hey there

Nikolay S.: Welcome to our live chat!

Nikolay S.: How can I be of help today? 🙂

zhao xiaochun: I’m sorry, but I have to trouble you. I can not contact the refund of customer service.

zhao xiaochun: My host is half a month time expires, but now I found was renewals. The price is too expensive, I apply for a refund, why was deducted $35.

Nikolay S.: How is that, Zhao?

Nikolay S.: I shall check right away

zhao xiaochun: My first year’s host has not expired. Automatic renewals 119.40 USD, I now apply for a refund, even to deduct $35 fee, only to retire $84.4 to me, I think this is unreasonable.

Nikolay S.: I am checking your logs

zhao xiaochun: How is that?

zhao xiaochun: Hello, are you still online?

zhao xiaochun: Are you still online?

Nikolay S.: Yes I double checked

Nikolay S.: What was paid for is called a late cancellation fee

zhao xiaochun: a late cancellation fee?

Nikolay S.: Yes – at the amount of 35 USD

Nikolay S.: I double checked with my senior colleagues

Nikolay S.: as your account was renewed, and renewals are usually non refundable

Nikolay S.: We can still refund them if they are done before expiration

Nikolay S.: keeping in mind the late cancellation fee

zhao xiaochun: I bought a lot of hosts, such as BlueHost, Dreamhost, I was the first time I heard this cancellation fee late

Nikolay S.: Yes, because usually renewals are none refundable

Nikolay S.: but even as such, we refund them with this small fee in mind

zhao xiaochun: Can you return it to me?

Nikolay S.: As of its nature, it is a fee that must be paid

Nikolay S.: in order to for us to refund

Nikolay S.: administrative fee

Nikolay S.: So I hope that made sense

Nikolay S.: In any case

Nikolay S.: thanks for your time

Nikolay S.: I hope you have a great rest of the day

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    eiei 2017年1月18日 at 下午6:31

    siteground 非常垃圾 我的也被自动扣款1个月才发现 居然不退款

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      admin 2017年3月13日 at 下午11:15


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    bill 2019年1月7日 at 上午10:49

    这家是骗子公司。千万别买。我12月20日退款到现在还没到帐,打电话给银行银行说要不了这么久。第一次联系客服,客服说要13天,等到今天 已经17天了。再联系客服这次不扯13天了,只是坚持已经退款。让他提供银行退款证明也提供不了,然后我让立即给我退款。竟然把聊天给关掉了,什么鬼东西,骗子公司,千万别买

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      admin 2019年1月7日 at 上午11:48


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